Disability Resources & Support

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ~ Montana


July 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the This landmark legislation was brought about through the efforts of persons with disabilities and Congress to address barriers in our society and economy.  Barriers that excluded persons with disabilities from fully participating in the workforce and community life.  The Act created standards for physical access to structures and a means to address other barriers and discrimination in the workforce and our communities. 

Questions: (800) 727-5257

Big Sky TBI Program

The DeWit RiteCare Speech, Language, & Hearing Clinic, support sessions for those who may have experienced a mild traumatic brain injury. Adults (18+) who have persistent cognitive symptoms after a concussion, TBI; 634 Eddy Ave, Missoula

Questions: Victoria (Tori) Hinther, victoria.hinther@umontana.edu

Braille and Talking Book Program (FREE) ~ Library of Congress

APPLY: https://www.loc.gov/programs/national-library-service-for-the-blind-and-print-disabled/about-this-service/

Or, call the National Library Service at 1-888-NLS-READ (1-888-657-7323)

Dementia Friendly America - Missoula

Dementia Friendly Airports Working Group: https://www.dementiafriendlyairports.com/

They’ll be talking to the MSO airport board about instituting dementia friendly practices (for hidden disabilities (PTS, TBI, autism, ALS, dementia, etc.) to improve their travel experience.

  • Changes that she hopes to propose: better signage, quiet areas, readily accessible restrooms, floor surfaces, lanyards, better navigation / decrease separation (during searches, etc.), staff training, etc.

  • She is seeking stories and letters of support from the community. The VSN Leadership Team agreed to provide a couple letters (Vet Center and “VSN Leadership”).

  • Target goal for proposal: late October. MSO remodel is scheduled to complete in 2022.

Contact: Marjorie Doyle, Dementia Friendly Missoula, (406) 542-1214, macrd1953@gmail.com  

​Disabled American Veterans (DAV)


*** DAV Charitable Service Trust: Grant program for not-for-profit organizations that fulfill a need or array of needs for sick, wounded, and homeless or at-risk veterans throughout the nation: https://cst.dav.org/learn-more/our-program/

Grant Questions:  (859) 441-7300, ext. 3313, cst@dav.org

Missoula DAV: 2687 Palmer St.; Benefits Assistance (877) 426-2838

Volunteer Transportation Network:

Bitterroot DAV and Missoula DAV provides free rides to Veterans to their VA Approved Medical Appointments.

Contact: Bitterroot to Missoula 363-8396; Bitterroot to Fort Harrison 363-8396; Missoula DAV 207-1468 (Missoula DAV has drivers on Tuesdays & Thursdays); For more information about DAV or if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver please call (406) 363-8396; Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Van Drivers (406) 447-7760; Veterans Transportation Services (406) 447-6270; Travel Pay (406) 447-7402.

disABLEDperson, Inc.

disABLEDperson.com is the Premier National Job Board for People with Disabilities.

Interview & Resume Tips / Videos (Short, sweet and to the point):

Contact: Mike Corso, President, disABLEDperson, Inc., Mike@disabledperson.com

Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF)


DVNF provides critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically—after defending our safety and our freedom.

10/8/20 LOI DEADLINE: Capacity Building Grant Program (2020 Winter Session) LOI Closes Oct 8rd; Apps Open on Oct 22nd; Site Visits Begin Oct 22nd; App Closes Dec 3rd; Prepare Board Material Jan 11th; Board Meeting Jan 16th; Approval/Denial Jan 20th; Zoom Meeting Jan 26th; Grant Agreement Feb 1st – Session Closes

INFO / APPLY: https://www.dvnf.org/capacity-building-grants/

Questions: grants@dvnf.org

Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF): (202) 737-0522, info@dvnf.org

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ~ Veterans

Employment rights under the ADA


Questions: (800) 669-4000

Internal Revenue Service ~ Tax Credit


The IRS has established the Disabled Tax Credit. A company may utilize it to offset the costs associated with providing access to persons with disabilities. There is also the Barrier Removal Tax Deduction that can be taken for qualified expenses to remove barriers to access. 

Questions: Mark Mahnke, MT DPHHS VRBS, Business Services Specialist, (406) 655-7626, TTY/TDD (888) 279-7528, MMahnke@mt.gov

​JAN - Job Accommodation Network


A to Z of Disabilities and Accommodations. Leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues.

Questions: (800) 526-7234, jan@askjan.org

Or, (800)ADA-WORK [(800)232-9675]

  • (304)216-8189 via Text

  • janconsultants via Skype

  • JAN on Demand for JAN questions that are related to accommodation, ADA, and workplace issues.

  • JAN on Demand for JAN questions that are related to self-employment and starting your own small business.

J.O.B.S. – Job Opportunity Based Services in Missoula


Provides employment assistance and socialization support for those individuals with a disability.

715 Kensington 25A, Missoula

Questions: (406) 541-6966

Or, Michelle PicKell, President, Cell (406) 546-9112, mpickell@JOBSinfoMT.com

Living Well with a Disability

UM Rural Institute on Disabilities


MAR – Montana Association for Rehabilitation


Montana Vocational Rehabilitation – DPHHS, 2675 Palmer, Ste A, Msla


Questions: (406) 329-5400

​MonTECH – Assistive Technology Tools & Services - The Rural Institute


MonTECH can help you find the right communication device.  Borrow devices and communication apps for up to 30 days at a time to assess which system works best for the communicator AND for the caregiver who may be assisting in customization of vocabulary.

9/10/20 Update, "MonTECH just received a grant that will infuse our financial loan program (MATL) with $657,686! This program (the Montana Assistive Technology Loan program) allows Montanans to apply for loans for assistive technology, mobility equipment, adaptive recreation equipment, home and vehicle modification, accessible vehicles, hearing aids... Approved applicants can borrow up to $1500 at 0% interest, or $1501 - $50,000 at 3.5% interest. http://matl.ruraldynamics.org/ 

Questions: Anna-Margaret Goldman, MonTECH Program Director, Anna-margaret.goldman@mso.umt.edu

Or, Shawna Hanson, MonTECH Media Outreach Coordinator, Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, UM (406) 243-4531, Shawna.Hanson@mso.umt.edu

Montana DPHHS ~ Vocational Rehabilitation & Blind Services (VRBS)


2675 Palmer St. Ste. A, Missoula

Promoting careers for people with disabilities (Mental health, physical disabilities, employers / job accommodations, etc.) and workforce solutions for Montana business. Our Business Services Team can help employers with questions about the ADA and how accessibility challenges can be reduced and removed.  We draw upon a vast knowledge of disability and the barriers someone with a disability may face in entering, working and participating in our communities.

  • Locate qualified candidates

  • Help with employee retention

  • Pay on the job training and internship costs

  • Identify tax credits for your business

  • Provide disability awareness training…and much more!

“Workers w/disabilities have been found in a study conducted by DuPont Nemours and Company, to be rated average or better than those without disabilities in on the job performance, safety and attendance”

Questions: Mark Mahnke, Business Services Specialist, (406) 655-7626, TTY/TDD (888) 279-7528, MMahnke@mt.gov

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors:

Jeanne M. Stone-Shedden, MS CRC (406) 329-5400, JStone2@mt.gov

Stevi Parce, MS, CRC (406) 329-5405, sparce@mt.gov  

Allyson Talaska, (406) 329-1436, allyson.talaska@mt.gov

Opportunity Resources, Inc.


Out of Step: Disability Resources


Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)


Rocky Mountain ADA Center


We can provide both information and guidance concerning disability laws free of charge if you complete the online Technical Assistance Request form or call directly (800) 949-4232

Social Security Administration – Disability


Veterans - Wounded Warriors: https://www.ssa.gov/people/veterans/

Questions: 800-772-1213

Local - Missoula: 3701 AMERICAN WAY, (866) 931-9029, TTY: (800) 325-0778

Summit Independent Living ~ The VSN's "Disabilities Advocate & Resource Center"


700 SW Higgins, Ste 101, Missoula

Summit Independent Living, Inc. is a private, non-residential non-profit organization that offers a wide range of services designed to give people with disabilities the tools and resources that are needed to improve independent, self-confidence, knowledge, skills and access to community resources. Summit serves people with mobility, neurological, hearing, visual, and other disabilities.
Questions: (406) 728-1630, missoula@summitilc.org

​BASE Missoula ~ All Abilities Community Center


725 W. Alder, Suite 4, Missoula

Providing FREE programing such as Improv, Adaptive Yoga, Gaming, Art and Dance! BASE is collaboration between Summit IL, other non-profits and various artists in our community. This space is meant to be a safe place to explore and display the arts as well as learn advocacy. BASE is open to everyone in our community of all ages, interests and abilities. This is your space.

BASE Missoula, (406) 215-1080, basemissoula@gmail.com

Ticket to Work

Disabilities ~ My Employment Options


The Work Site ~


​​Tips for Filing VA disability

Tim is willing to take questions statewide: Tim Ingraham, Veteran Service Officer (VSO), Fort Harrison, (406) 495-2081, timothy.ingraham@va.gov

Or, make an appointment w/the Missoula MVAD (Montana Veterans Affairs Division): (406) 542-2501

US DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)


To develop and influence disability employment-related policies and practices, ODEP sponsors the following three policy development and technical assistance resources

Questions: 1-866-487-2365

Montana - Questions: John Pavao, State Diversity Program Coordinator, Department of Administration, State Human Resources Division, (406) 444-3984, jpavao@mt.gov

US Disability Programs and Services


VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Eligibility requirements for VRE (https://www.va.gov/careers-employment/vocational-rehabilitation/eligibility/),

o   Apply online: https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/about/feature?feature=vocational-rehabilitation-and-employment

o   Or, submit a paper application: Download and complete a VA Form 28-1900, "Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation" and mail it to your our local regional office (3633 Veterans Dr., Ft. Harrison, MT 59636). They try to ensure Veteran is seen within 30 days. There are two VRE Counselors in Missoula: 2681 Palmer St., Suite N, (406) 258-1084.

Questions: David Wirtz, VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Officer (VREO), (406) 495-2012, david.wirtz@va.gov

Veterans Mobility Projects


Providing a way for Veterans to regain some of the freedom they have lost; whether that be setting a Veteran up with a power-wheelchair or assisting them with other tools to enhance their lives, giving the freedom of mobility. All therapeutic tools will be given to Veterans at no cost (501c3 nonprofit organization).

Questions: anne@veteransmobilitypjct.org

WorkforceGPS ~ Disability & Employment Community


Technical assistance and resources for providing employment services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Wounded Warrior Project

Annual Warrior Survey from WWP https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/mission/annual-warrior-survey

Zippia ~ Disability Resource Guide


Laws that protect you, how to interview, to finding accommodating companies, here is a guide to make things a little easier.

Questions: (254) 294-7742, support@zippia.com


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