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Misdemeanor & Felony-Friendly Jobs ~ 70 Million Jobs
70 Million Jobs will connect you with great companies that offer second chance jobs for people with criminal records. No cost to you.

Missoula Self Help Law Center

1535 Liberty Lane, Suite 110D, Missoula,

(406) 258-3428

If you are in need of assistance, or would like to provide resources for our center, please email

Missoula Veterans Court & Veteran Mentor Program ~ Treatment and Mentoring (

Missoula County Courthouse, 200 W. Broadway, Missoula

​Veteran Mentors: Free training is designed for any Veteran who would like to volunteer 4-6 hours per month to assist a Veteran involved in the criminal justice system. Topics to be addressed include: The Role of Veterans Court Mentors; Overview of Missoula Veterans Court and Missoula’s Criminal Court Systems; Cultural Competency and Overview of Veterans’ Services. 

Justice for Vets:

Call for Initial Intake - Veterans Court: Rick Reed - MSW, Missoula Veterans Court Coordinator, (406) 258-4726,

Montana DLI ~ Job Service Re-Entry Program

Job Service - Missoula

Ask for the Workforce Consultants that specializes in providing job search resources for clients w/a criminal record.

Montana’s Job Hunting Guide for Montanans with Criminal Records:

Questions: (406) 728-7060

Montana Legal Services Association (MTLSA)


Montana Law - Veterans & Military section:

MLSA is a private, non-profit law firm, that provides non-criminal legal information, advice, and representation to Montanans.  Their services help “fight scams on seniors, assist Veterans who have been denied benefits, help people escape abusive relationships, and represent families living in unsafe housing conditions”

Questions: 1-800-666-6899 (Option 5)

Stateside Legal: If you received a discharge that was other than Honorable, a discharge upgrade can help you access important VA benefits, services, and care. Or you may feel that your discharge was not fair and you want to correct it. Any veteran who has a discharge other than Honorable can apply for an upgrade. You do not need an attorney to apply for a discharge upgrade. 
Discharge Upgrades:

“Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for Discharge Upgrade”:

Questions: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) provides free civil legal help to eligible clients. MLSA may be able to refer you to a volunteer attorney for help with a discharge upgrade. You can apply online at [] or by calling our Helpline at 1-800-666-6899, Monday through Friday, 9am to 1pm.  

Montana Veterans Treatment Court Laws Revision Act

Enacted April 1, 2019 ~ Montana’s revisions call for all detention centers to record the veteran status of all detainees if located in the same county as a VTC. This information is then sent to the local VTC, which now has legal responsibility to inform detained veterans about the program and their eligibility.

National Drug Court Resource, Policy, and Evidence-Based Practice Center ~ Justice Programs Office

Strives to provide practitioners and professionals working in the drug court field with current resources and upcoming events. 


Partners for Reintegration (PFR)

Missoula - Coalition of local agencies, faith congregations, service providers and community volunteers, including previously incarcerated individuals, working in partnership with the Department of Corrections to help returning citizens reintegrate from incarceration back into the Missoula community.

VSN Members - Employment Services:

PFR questions:

Stateside Legal

User Guide for website:

FREE online information, self-help tools and referrals for Veterans, service members, their families and advocates.


UM Law School Clinic Directory

Questions: Alexander Blewett III School of Law, University of Montana, (406) 243-4311

VA Veterans Justice Outreach

“A Guidebook for Incarcerated Veterans” (Click link and then Montana):

Justice and Reentry-Related Services ~ VA Veterans Justice Outreach Program:

Questions - Montana: Jackie Merritt, LCSW, Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist, VA Montana Health Care System - Fort Harrison, (406) 447-6021,

Veterans Advocacy Clinic ~ FREE for Low Income Veterans)

The Veterans Advocacy Clinic at the School of Law has been partnering with the State Bar Veterans Law Section to train lawyers in the military discharge upgrade process. Interested veterans or service providers can email

The Veterans Advocacy Clinic provides pro bono legal advocacy to Veterans and their families in Montana. 

VA claims for service-connected disability benefits, increased disability rating, applications for discharge upgrade, and consultation with practitioners on various legal issues for Veterans.

Questions: Hillary Wandler, Professor & Director, Alexander Blewett III School of Law, Clinic Wing, Room 110, University of Montana, 32 Campus Dr., Msla, (406) 243-6788,

Hillary - UM LAW Faculty:

Schedule an Appointment:

Veterans Justice and Mental Health (VJMH) ~ Justice Programs Office at American University



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